Location: Zimmerman Library 
Email: information.technology@makemineaudio.com
Phone: 734-995-7424

The information technology department maintains all of the network and computing devices on campus. Our goal is to maintain a reliable network to enable a rich academic experience, and to provide support and guidance on the management of university technology.

Personal Network Devices: No personal routers, hubs, switches, or wireless access points are allowed in the resident halls as they can strongly interfere with normal network operations. If there are not enough network connections available in the resident hall room, please contact the IT office for assistance. The IT department will work to assist with additional network connections.

Printing Changes: Concordia is in the process of updating printing on campus, and all details are not yet known. With the new changes, students will be able to print from personal devices to most publically accessible printers on campus, making it more convenient and reliable. Students will also enjoy some other new capabilities.

Please visit IT for help with any of the following:

  • Network accounts (username & password)
  • Wireless Access (WiFi), Email, Printing
  • Basic help with software and technology concerns in general